About Us

ChicagoPokemonGO.com (CPG) is a fan built website made for and by players in the Chicagoland area of the game PokemonGO.

Comprised largely of Ingress players (The Niantic game on which much of PokemonGO was based on), the CPG team was brought together as a way to help organize the numerous, massive events that were being created for PokemonGO meetups throughout the Chicagoland area.  The first of these was the giant gathering at the Cloud Gate Sculpture (aka The Bean) in Chicago’s Millennium Park shortly after the game’s release.  Originally intended as a small event for friends and family quickly grew to tens of thousands of people showing interest and wanting to attend the first of its kind event.   Having had some experience with large scale events, the CPG team was assembled and quickly helped to facilitate the event in one week’s time.

Since that time, the team has been busy at work trying to bring together all of the various groups and fan pages that have been created in order to keep all interested players informed of any PokemonGO news and events in the Chicagoland area.

Our goal is to ensure that PokemonGO trainers in the Chicagoland area have a safe and enjoyable experience and that players are respectful of others and the area of play.