September Chicago Pokémon Go Third Saturday Results!

Hey everyone! We had another great time on Saturday during our second Chicago Pokémon Go third Saturday meet-up. These meet-ups are aimed to get local trainers in Chicagoland to come out and have some fun by meeting other trainers and competing in various activities around Pokémon Go. This month we explored the Riverwalk in Naperville, what a beautiful area full of Pokémon!

Listed below are the top three players in the three stats from Pokémon Go that were tracked, if your name is on this list congratulations! Looking forward to seeing everyone at our next event in October!

Most Captured Pokémon

  1. Mum4swc – 148
  2. zeroclash80 – 140
  3. LoboBastian – 127

Most Distance Traveled

  1. ILLIKILLA – 9.87 km
  2. shiftyeyes89 – 4.83 km
  3. Mldph1 – 4.41 km

Most Experience (XP) Gained

  1. Mum4swc – 239525
  2. ILLIKILLA – 170740
  3. LoboBastian – 127550


This information was tracked and provided by TohjoLabs and their pkTrainer Pokémon Go service. The pkTrainer allows Pokémon Go players to upload screenshots from their game to “log” an entry and journal their progress in the game to see how they are doing over time. This service also allows for organizers, such as Chicago Pokémon Go, to run events where those who use the pkTrainer service can register for and then actively compete during an event. Logs submitted during the runtime of an event are then tracked to see the overall results from everyone. Registration and use of their service is free, check them out!