Pokemon Go FFA – Museum Campus

This Saturday July 30th, 2016 we will be running a “limited” Team-Based FFA Campaign for Pokemon Go in the Museum Campus! We’re saying “limited” because we’re still brainstorming ideas of how to properly run these types of events, but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate! We’re planning for at least 60 players altogether to track throughout the event, but more will definitely be there.

This event will run from 1:00pm to 5:00pm with the winning team being announced at 5:30pm! If you have RSVP’d through our Meetup.com group please arrive early to register or “check-in” at our PokeCenter Base we will be setting up at the Shedd Aquarium Welcome Garden! There, you will also find a complementary Phone Charging Station setup by The Shedd Aquarium and will  be made available for everyone between 12:00pm and 2:00pm. They are also planning to give away free Shedd passes for the first 20 Pokemon Go Trainers that are there at noon, so as Professor Oak says “Early bird gets the worm!”.

A limited number of the General map and information will be made available at the PokeCenter so be sure to grab a copy! You can also view and download a copy on your phone or computer below! Everyone who RSVP’d will also receive a special Pokemon Go Team card! You will be using these to find out what gyms in the area are specific to your Team.

Please remember to be safe, have fun, and remember this is JUST A GAME! We may be on different Teams but we are not enemies! We are all just trying to enjoy Pokemon Go and enjoy a nice day outside! Please be respectful to everyone in the area, and dispose of all trash properly. A clean environment makes for a clean habitat for Pokemon! If you need to take a break, or want to chill out for a bit feel free to camp out around the PokeCenter as there are three nearby PokeStops and there will be Lure Modules activated on them throughout the entire event.

Hope to see you out there! – Vaughn (@manbearpixel and @ChiPokemonGo crew)


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Museum Campus FFA (LOWRES)