Rules of the team gym battle


Teams Instinct, Mystic and Valor – who will win today’s “Gym Battle” Event?!

The goal is to own as many high-level gyms in the area as possible.

There are 19 gyms in play that will each be staffed by a crew member.

Only the gyms clearly marked on the event map throughout Millennium Park, Grant Park, the Museum Campus and the Magnificent Mile will count.

Points are awarded for the status of the gyms at the time of scoring. There will be 3 scoring chances during measurements at 3:30, 4:00 and 4:30 PM when crew members will record the gym’s status and award points.

Point System

  • 1 point for the team who owns the gym
  • 1 additional point for each gym level.
  • 5 bonus points to the team who owns the highest-prestige gym(if tied, 2 points)
  • A gym that is unclaimed at the measurement is worth 0 points.

The team with the highest total points from the 3 measurements is the winner!


Please note:

  • Teams may coordinate and strategize in advance.
  • Play fair and be respectful of other trainers and the public.
  • If the game won’t load, enjoy the people and real world around you.


Bragging rights are the only prize. Have fun, and may the best team win!