Victor Linares
Website Admin // Event Organizer // Team Lead (Team Mystic)
An avid Ingress player (precursor to the PokemonGO game) since 2013, Victor is also a moderator of the United Chicagoland Resistance (UCR), Midwest Resistance Network, and a member of the global Resistance group: BRRN (Big Regional Resistance Network). He comes to CPG with years of organizing events and operations both large and small and was part of the organizing committee for the First Chicago Pokemon GO Meetup in Millennium Park.
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Jeremy Goodson
Website Admin // Event Organizer // Team Lead (Valor)
Jeremy, like many others here, has been involved in the Ingress community for a while now. Through this, he came to know the inner-workings of AR Games, and has been an avid proponent to building community relations between the Resistance (his chosen team) and the Enlightened. He brings his passion for Cross-Faction alliances to the Pokémon GO realm, where he served on the Organizing Commitee for the big Millenium Park meetup, as well as other events that the group has worked up. He looks forward to continuing to build relations between the three Pokémon GO teams and help to bring everyone together for future meetups and events. As part of this, he is the co-founder of the United Chicagoland Team Valor group, which strives to strengthen inner-team camaraderie for Valor members in the Greater Chicagoland Area.
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Vaughn Bullock
Poké Computer Scientist // UI Engineer
Vaughn is a seasoned, and passionate website developer working in Chicago. Playing Pokémon since its inception, he is now re-living his childhood like the rest of us and sharing his passion for the game by helping organize and lead local Pokémon Go events around the city. He is currently working on a Pokémon Go trainer registration website to tie the famous MMO with social tracking for future events Chicago Pokemon Go throws! He is the lead organizer of the Chicago Pokemon Go Meetup group and helps maintain the community calendar on there.

You can usually find him biking around playing classical Generation 1 Pokémon Music as he rides through various parks and events in Chicago.
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Kelly K.
Doer of Things // Poké Communications // Community Organizer
In her day job, Kelly is a mild-mannered marketing communications and social media guru, but at night she transforms into the mild-mannered TrainerKelly!
Molly Bitters
Poké Librarian // Community Organizer
Molly is a librarian in the Chicagoland area, and a former professional jeweler. She brings a variety of art and librarian skills to the CPG community. Molly is responsible for the "homemade color-coded banners" seen at the First Chicago Pokemon GO Meetup in Millennium Park. While married to Professor Nik (new Trainer mentor for CPG), Molly is obsessed with capturing gyms for Team Valor and tracking down rare Pokemon.
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Nik Macholz
Professor // Woodchipper Operator
Remember that scene in Fargo, where the big guy puts the funny-looking little fella into the woodchipper? That's what Professor Nik does to your Pokemon when you transfer them to him.
Poké Computer Scientist // Code-Monkey
Table Maintenance Engineer
Ariel is a passionate indie game developer originally from Hawaii. Ex Streamer he would love to start streaming again but does not have the time. He is a recent transplant to Chicago. His first Pokemon game was Gold and it got him hooked and he went back and played blue and yellow.

He works a lot on the backend stuff that makes everything work.

Most of his free time lately goes to working on the hacking game he is making.
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Trainer Services // Moderator
Daniel grew up loving all things outdoors, and all things pixelated. He's a born and raised Chicago guy who has always loved teaming up to help others, and currently helps moderate: Team Valor's Reddit page, Discord App, United Chicagoland Team Valor's FB page, and the awesome Chicago Pokémon Go site. If he can't answer your question, he will definitely get you in contact with someone who can! So feel free to reach to him with event questions, and/or all things Valor. "In the dark of night, we are the light".... Go Valor!!
Jason Borsom
Event Organizer // Social Media/Website Administrator // Team Lead (Team Valor)
Jason is a self-described "hyperlocal celebrity", through his mobile entertainment business, Liquid Kourage Entertainment. He has been an Ingress (Niantic's first AR game) player since late 2014 and can still be found occasionally firing off an XMP Burster or two in the Plainfield area. He was one of the members of the small team that assembled the Millennium Park meetup on July 17th, specifically in shaping the gym battle competition (which would've been spectacular if the servers didn't crash). He is also known for his duties as co-founder of United Chicagoland Team Valor. In his spare time, he counts all the way up to 3.
Silph Road Warden // Burger Enthusiast
Representing The Silph Road as the Warden of the US: Midwest, Ryan's been a Pokémon Master since that fateful day in 1997 when he begged his mother to buy him that Blue cartridge for his Gameboy.
He's glad to be part of the growing Chicago Pokémon community and wants to bring more of these events to the fans to promote friendly fun everywhere! He wishes he had some free time within which to do something, but working in film/tv doesn't allow for much outside squeezing in spare minutes to play Pokemon Go.

Valor for Victory!
The Silph Road
Richard Candelaria
Facebook Page Admin//Public Relations//Event Coordinator//Team Valor
Richard has been playing Pokémon since Red and Blue. When he heard that Pokémon Go was launched he was so happy that he created a Facebook Page that most of you guys know called Chicago Pokémon Go! He's glad to be part of the growing Chicago Pokémon community and wants to bring more of these events to the fans to promote friendly fun everywhere. He also loves tacos!
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