Team Consolidation

As we’ve seen throughout the Chicagoland area, PokemonGO is being played by thousands upon thousands of players.  With that, many of these players began creating social media pages, groups, communities for their respective teams.
What we at are trying to do is consolidate these many groups into a one page per social media outlet and one chat platform.
Well, for starters, that means not creating any more Team groups than the ones already established.
Each Team is currently in the process of merging their Facebook groups, Google+ Communities, Twitter and Instagram feeds into one Team Facebook group, one Team Google+ Community, one Team Twitter and Instagram feed.
The main reason simply put, for communication purposes.   It’s easier to tell one group a message rather than trying to tell 50 groups and possibly losing some of that message along the way.
Another important reason is that this provides Niantic with a single point of contact when they decide to hold a legendary event in our city and it provides a template for the rest of the world to follow Chicago’s lead.
With that said we are also consolidating team communications/chat to one platform.
– Team Mystic will be using Slack.
– Team Valor will be using Slack.
– Team Instinct will be using (yet to be determined).
Currently,  there are people using Facebook groups, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Discord,  Telegram,  and Slack but with so many chats, teams are divided into tiny groups and not effectively communicating with each other.   With one chat platform divided into local regions, players can more easily find other players in there area and organize events and operations.
OK, I think I get it now,  can I still be an admin/mod?
We’d love to have you.   Please be aware however, that just because you are made a moderator, it does not give you absolute power.   We are not here for power or fame over other players – we are here to build a better community.   Moderators will essentially be janitors and cat herders.
As a moderator for your team,  you may be asked to monitor the social media feeds for:
– Any posts that are deemed offensive (hate speech, socio-political views, trolling).
– Any posts that relate towards ads (selling of goods/services)
– Any events posted not created by your admin team or
You may also be responsible for processing applications to join the team and diffusing conflicts within the team.
…and Cat herders?
Herding cattle is relatively easy, they go where you want them to.   Ever try walking a cat?  Cats do whatever and and go where ever they want.   Getting players organized is very much like herding cats.
OK, I understand the responsibilities involved and still would like to be a moderator for my Team.
GREAT!  Send an email to and we’ll look into adding you as a Team Moderator.  Please note however, if there are already many moderators from your area, your request may be declined.