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Social Media and Site Admins:

Jeremy Goodson
Site Admin // Co-Founder of UCTV // Lead Dude in Charge of Making Sure Stuff Doesn't get FUBAR // Event Organizer // Capricorn
Trainer Name: Maclypse
Team Valor
Jeremy is "that guy". The master of dad jokes and lover of puns. He uses his weird sense of humor and feelings of self-importance to run the United Chicagoland Team Valor, which he helped co-create with Jason Borsom. He can often be seen slaying the random trolls and spam bots, and showing up late to events that he swore he left on time for.
Jeremy's Facebook ProfileUnited Chicagoland Team Valor
Jason Borsom
The less you know, the better. For me. For reasons.
Molly Bitters
Oh look! A Squirtle!
Trainer Name: Mollificent
Team Valor
Molly has been known to run off after the merest hint of a Pokemon shadow. She's on this page because someone was fool enough to give her editing permissions for the website.

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If you are a Team Valor trainer and would like to join us, please email us with a screenshot of your current Trainer screen.